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Wheel Stop & Chocks
Wheel Stops, Wheel Chocks, Rubber Stop & Chocks
Wheel Stops, Wheel Chocks, Rubber stops from Hanak Industry, China manufacturer & supplier, We can also offer Rubber chocks, Rubber wheel stops, Rubber wheel chocks. Telephone or email us today!
Special application wheel stops & wheel chocks and rubber stop & chocks According to your design OEM offered.

Wheel Chocks, Rubber Tyre Chocks

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Wheel Chocks, Rubber Tyre Chocks offered by Hanak International Industry Limited. We can also offer Rubber wheels Chocks, Metal Wheel Chocks, Plastic Wheel Chock & Polyurethane Wheel Chock.


Wheel Chocks A

Material: Reclaimed rubber
Size: 260X180X117mm
Description: Made from recycled rubber; Contoured surface to fit tire; Recommended for truck below 10 tons.


Wheel Chocks B

Material: Reclaimed rubber
Size: 200x150x100mm
Description: Rubber wheel chock for trailer, car, or other small vehicle:

· All-weather construction for reliable performance in any climate

· Nonslip surface provides superior traction

· Oil resistant

· Light weight

· Countoured surface to fit tire



Wheel Chocks C

Material: Reclaimed rubber
Size: 250X200X150mm
Description:  Made from rubber with reinforced nylon fiber; Ideal for trailers and heavily loaded vehicles; With eyebolt for easy handling.



Wheel Chocks D

Material: Reclaimed rubber
Size: 450X155X140mm
Description: Suitable size for small and large aircraft. Colorful rope with reflectors connect the chocks and provide excellent visibility.

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