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Caster Wheels
Caster Wheels, Pneumatic Casters, Swivel Casters
Caster wheels, Pneumatic casters, Swivel casters from Hanak Industry, China manufacturer & supplier, We can also offer rubber casters and wheels, Industrial caster wheels, Heavy duty caster wheels. Telephone or email us today!
Pneumatic caster wheels, Swivel caster wheels, Solid caster wheels and PU foam wheels caster for carts.

Caster wheels, Pneumatic Caster wheels

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Caster wheels, Pneumatic Caster wheels offered by Hanak International Industry Limited. We can also offer swivel casters, Rubber solid caster and Flat free casters.


Pneumatic Swivel Caster

Material Rubber, steel
Maximum Working load (lbs.) 300 lb.
Swivel base (deg) 360°
Tread pattern Knobby
Wheel thickness (in.) 3-1/4 in.
Tire size (in.) 10 in.
Mounting plate size (in.) 4-1/2 in. x 4 in.


Flat Free Caster

Flat-free casters / PU Foam Solid Wheel
Material: PU Foam, Steel
Hardness: 65
Tire size (in.) 10 in.
Width of PU foam wheel: 70mm
Color: Grey


Rubber Solid Caster

Material Rubber, steel
Maximum Working load (lbs.) 330 lb.
Mounting pattern 2-7/8 in. x 1-3/4 in.
Mounting type Plate
Swivel base (deg) 360°
Tread pattern Smooth
Wheel thickness (in.) 1-5/16 in.
Tire size (in.) 5 in.

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